Club Hours And Directions


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Other Information

Members who bring guests are reminded that shooting with NEW SHOOTERS takes much more time on the field than does shooting with experienced shooters who are familiar with safe gun handling and the rules and etiquette of skeet. If you wish to host a non-member (guest) shooter (up to two guest shooters are permitted per day), please plan to arrive at the WSC AFTER 2:30 PM on the day you wish to shoot. Be sure to have your guest(s) register on the sign-in sheet and personally check in with the Range Officer of the Day.

If other members are waiting to go on the skeet field, a squad is limited to 20-30 minutes per round of 25.


Wednesday 12-5 PM or dusk
Saturday 12-5 PM or dusk
Sunday 12-5 PM or dusk

Closed Christmas Day and Easter Sunday
We will be closed if a range officer is not available.

The WSC is open occasionally on weekday holidays if a Range Officer is available

If you are a WSC member, volunteer to be a Range Officer so the club will be open more often.