Registered Shoots & Fees

The Registered Shoot Fee at WSC is currently $33.00 per gun (includes 100 targets, the referee, state and national fees & awards.

Concurrent and/or Lewis Class Purse, if offered, is at additional cost.

Because the NJSSA waives it's fee for Junior and SubJunior Shooters and reimburses the host club for the Junior Shooter's Referee Fee, the cost to Junior Shooters is $23.00 per 100 Registered Targets unless they choose to shoot without prizes, i.e., Targets Only. Junior Shooters never receive prize money, but rather, physical awards.

League shooting is the least expensive method of "registering" targets. League shooting cost for 50 bird daily minimum = $3.00 CASH for NSSA Fees - PLUS a round of birds/skeet (which is $3.00 cash or one punch on your Shoot Card per a round of 25 for WSC Members ... or $5.00 for non-members).

Payments should be made to the Range Officer when you check out on the day League targets are shot.

To sign up for any of our Registered Shoots, please phone or e-mail our Registered Shoot Chairman, Bill Shanok at 646-752-0496 or e-mail to UglyDuck1<at> .

Registered Shoots start at 9:00 AM and run till Noon. For up to 20 shooters, two fields are used. Open shooting or practice will not be allowed during a Registered Shoot even if a field is not being used for the Registered Shoot. Open Shooting will not start until normal shooting time which is 12 Noon. Registered rotations start at 9:00 and 10:30 AM.

Normally, Shootoffs are held on the Main Field after completion of the 10:30 flights.

Awards are boxes of ammo. Two boxes are awarded to Gun Champion and one box is awarded to each Class winner.

Everyone who uses the facilities of the WSC must register upon arrival at the WSC with the Range Officer. I addtion all Non-Member Guests, including Registered Shooters and their guests, referees, visitors and spectators must register, be logged in as a guest and must sign an Assumption of Risk-Waiver and Release of Liability. Indemnification and Hold Harmless FORM...once a year, whether or not that person actually shoots skeet.

For details on becoming a member click here.